Weight Control That Works: 10 Daily Habits to Lose Weight, Keep it Off and Love Your Body

Lose weight for life! Don’t just diet then worry about keeping the extra pounds off, when you can master weight control for life with these 10 Daily Habits.

This unique guide is packed with practical advice for controlling your weight from someone who really knows. Christie Jordan lost 85 pounds by changing her lifestyle, and now, twenty years later, the lost weight is still history. In Weight Control That Works, she explains how you can banish extra pounds permanently, and patiently walks you through the lifestyle changes which will support your good health.


  • Put an end to yo-yo dieting. Understand why diets are an unsustainable intervention in your regular life. When your normal life doesn’t support weight control, the pounds will come back.
  • Discover why sleep is so important, and how lack of sleep influences your willpower and the hormones regulating your appetite.
  • Learn up-to-date nutrition advice and why knowing how your metabolism works matters for keeping pounds off.
  • Understand why eating sugar in the morning is a bad idea, and why protein is a better breakfast choice. Learn how eating sugar affects your brain’s ability to resist sweet foods.
  • Take control of your food cravings with effective techniques.
  • Get recommendations about calories, carbohydrates, fiber, and fat. Learn what to stock in your kitchen, how to prepare healthy snacks, and meals for breakfast and lunch.
  • See why avoiding refined white flour is a key factor in maintaining a healthy weight. Go behind the scenes to learn more about how packaged food is produced and marketed to you. You’ll see why high-fiber whole grains are the best choice to keep the pounds off.
  • Understand how portion control and exercise are vital to your success, and find new encouraging ways to make it happen.
  • Learn why enjoying your body and getting pleasure from all your senses is very important for maintaining healthy weight.


  • The 4 Week Program for Learning the 10 Daily Habits comfortably and successfully.
  • Additional Bonus Habits to support your continued success.
  • Resources for Learning More.

Online Dating For Women Over 40

This comprehensive guide is packed with practical advice for women who want the most positive results with online dating. It will teach you how to optimize your online presence with step-by-step, easy to use guidelines covering the entire process, from choosing a dating site, to putting up a compelling profile that attracts the men you want, to arranging enjoyable first dates. You’ll get realistic advice about personal security, money, safe sex, promoting your profile and knowing your must-haves and deal-breakers for your next relationship.

Every month millions of women are on dating websites hoping to manage this mysterious 21st Century method of finding love. Are you one of those who have been disappointed? You can change that starting now! Whether you’re an online veteran or just thinking about trying, this book will give you the tools you need to create a positive experience.

Women over 40 are the fasting growing group online. The Hopeful Woman’s 10 Step Guide can help women of any age but if you’re over 40, you’ll find unique and valuable insights about divorce, children, time management, planning a successful social life, weight and fitness, being sexually active and staying safe, and advice about paying for the first date.

  • Learn how to write the most compelling profiles with opening sentences that grab attention and how to chose the best selection of photos. And get dozens of sample emails you can use to feel comfortable promoting your profile.
  • Find out how to decode a man’s profile so you don’t make uninformed choices and go down dead-end paths with inappropriate dates. Learn the best ways to respond to all ways men contact you online.
  • Go behind the scenes of the billion-dollar online dating business and chose the best dating site for you from an up-to-date list of the most popular, active sites.
  • Discover the No-Fail Formula for creating enjoyable first dates and get tips on how to plan “meet and greet” activities that fit every budget. Never be disappointed again with the quality of the time you spend on a first date!
  • Get essential resources you can use for social background checks and guidelines on how to research the men you want to meet.


  • Safe Sex
  • Weight, body size and fitness
  • Monogamy
  • Money

21st Century Looking for Love

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The Courage to Chose A Direction


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