My name is Christie Jordan and I write for women who want to reinvent and improve  their lives.

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My own life story life has been a cycle of reinvention so I understand about navigating change, being resourceful and thriving in unexpected circumstances.

I’ve been a musician, artist, product designer, brand manager, business owner, mother, step-mother, divorced and single again, survived a natural disaster and health crisises.  I studied art at the University of California, Berkeley and business at the Harvard Business School.

In my career as an entrepreneur, I spent over 30 years as the CEO of an international design and manufacturing company, inventing and launching products for many Fortune 500 companies including Target, Macy’s, Disney, JCPenney’s, Home Depot, CVS and The Home Shopping Network.  If you’ve been shopping at retailers in the US in the past 30 years, you’ve probably seen many of the products I designed. In fact, you may already have one in your home or bought one to give as a gift!

Becoming single after a long marriage led me to explore online dating with wonderful, positive results.  I used the marketing skills and expertise from my career as a brand manager to create an innovative system for managing the entire online dating process, from writing the most compelling profiles, to decoding a man’s profile, to the specifics of writing emails and plenty of advice for planning no-fail, enjoyable first dates.  And, yes, I did find love and romance!

I wrote the Online Dating for Women Over 40: The Hopeful Woman’s 10 Step Guide to Enjoyment and Success, because so many girlfriends asked me to share my insights about how to have an enjoyable online dating experience.  More info

I’ve been inspired throughout my life by the positive examples of other women. I hope that sharing my experience, advice and stories in books and on this website can help you be hopeful about reinventing and improving your life!

A hopeful journey