10 Daily Habits Weekly Worksheet

Keep track of your progress with this weekly worksheet. (You can download unlimited free copies.) Documenting your daily progress is powerful. As you stay on task, you’ll confirm your progress as your worksheets fill up. And, you’ll be really learning your new habits for weight control.

Every day, as you’re getting ready for bed, check off which habits you’ve been able to practice successfully that day at least once. Post this worksheet in your bathroom where you will see it first thing in the morning to be reminded, and last thing at night to review your day. You could also carry a copy in your purse, for on-the-go accountability.

Try to increase the numbers of your checked boxes every week.

If you have been challenged by practicing any habit, reread the relevant chapter in Weight Control that Works and refresh your commitment.

Celebrate your success! If you can steadily increase the boxes checked, you are doing wonderfully well.

Download worksheet here

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