The Power to Reinvent our Lives

We don’t chose the paths we’re set on as children, but if you are an adult there are always different choices you can make if you want to improve the quality of your days or reinvent your life.


alt="Smiling woman with binoculars finds her destination in the distance"Have you changed your life in a major way? Did you leave your family home when you were young and create a different life for yourself? Have you been divorced or widowed? Did you grow up in another culture and restart your life in the United States?

Are you yearning now for a new life?

Sometimes change happens abruptly. Sometimes it creeps up on you so slowly that you don’t realize how your world has shifted until you suddenly know that it’s time for you to make new choices.

I know the feeling because my own life has been a constant cycle of reinvention. That’s why I’m inspired to write for women who want to move forward and make positive changes in their lives. Whether it’s finding love, better health, community, financial stability or the social change you’d like to see in the world, I know that you can do it because so many women like me have been able to reach out, find our way and reinvent our lives.

Maybe there’s a clear path to your future or maybe are there challenges and obstacles that you must navigate. Divorce, natural disasters, a health crisis – all of thesealt="Crossroads sign showing the directions for Opportunities, Future, Happiness and Success" are examples of changes that might dropped on you without your consent. Suddenly you have to adjust. Even motherhood, which some of us certainly want, shifts our lives in ways we could never imagine.

Either way, what you thought was solid and true is now in your past. Life changed. Your future life must be reinvented. Millions of women have done it and you can do it, too, even if you’re not sure which way to go first. Hopeful women inspire and support each other.



For millennia, women have overcome challenges with vision, passion and commitment to bring their dreams into reality – even in desperate circumstances. Today, more of us are fortunate to be educated, independent and live longer. We have more power to make our own choices than at any time before in history. And, thanks to Social Media, we can hear and encourage each other in new, unprecedented ways.

We can help each other by sharing our knowledge. More about sharing your stories

alt="Loving grandmother and granddaughter share a quiet moment"It’s not a perfect world and there is much work to be done, but we can’t forget how fortunate many of us are.

My grandmother had an arranged marriage, but 100 years later, I can fall in love freely and make my own choice. My mother and her mother before her were financially dependent on their husband’s earnings, frustrated and fearful about how to survive if something happened. When it did, their lives crashed. Fifty years later, I was encouraged to change careers and start my own company and was able to support my family. And when I divorced after a long marriage, I learned about creating new relationship and finding love in today’s digital world.

Like me, you may be facing reinventing yourself. You can stretch and enthusiastically learn new skills at any age!


Hopeful women who have managed their way through hardship are all around you, in every neighborhood, with stories of courage and creativity. Their bravery is contagious. In my life, being inpsired by the leadership and survivial stories of other women made a huge difference in my confidence. Because they survived and thrived, I knew I could.

alt="Woman's hands cradle a sign that says "Hope" in an offering gesture"

I encourage you to believe that you, too, can overcome your challenges and make changes to reinvent your life. Whether you want a change with relationship, money, health, weight control, education, career or a commitment to a deeper purpose and meaning in your life, you can find inspiration in the strength of other women. ……. A Hopeful Journey

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Did you ever think that change is built into a woman’s body and natural lifecycle? Whether we want to or not, we have to accept change and adapt from the inside out. From the teenage years when our bodies change, through motherhood, marriage and menopause, we are physically programmed to start new phases.

alt="Four generations of women from the same family posed to show life stages"

We survive and thrive by learning how to master these different states of our lives, and we stay optimistic by recognizing how creative we are adjusting to new situations.

Questions of aging are profound, and as an older woman I witness the struggle my friends and I are facing as our bodies change, but I also know the triumphs and joys when we take control of our lives.

But, nobody said that it would always be easy.


Do you know women who always seem to land on their feet? Have you wondered how they were able to overcome setbacks and keep facing forward? They were unstoppable – always working to make good things happen in their lives no matter what happened. They are creative, productive and loving. Could it be that hopeful and optimistic women lead happier lives with more opportunities?

My answer is “Yes”.


You can be learn the habits of hope and optimism by trusting that you have enormous reserves of inner strength. Don’t doubt this. Just look around and be inspired by strong women. Whether you need to make small changes or dramatic choices to restructure your life, know that if you’re determined, you can have the power to change how you live. Learning Hope